Last Pecha Kucha sessions about to start for Day2 of #SOTELNZ

Only because they collaborated across disciplines, they were able to understand and conclude how magnetic polarity reversal can impact life on the planet. Right at the end of the video—Only when we started to work across different disciplines in science, we began to understand what it meant and understood 42.


It seems Mozilla Hubs is having issues with connecting. I had set up the space to say a farewell to Thom, who is flying to Melbourne in April. Thom has been in NZ working for Melb Uni for almost a year now and due to the pandemic and lockdowns, he got stuck not being able to fly. It is fair to say that Thom has been instrumental in quite a lot of things we have done in the past many years. The meetup and photos were to honour some of those memories

A snapshot… join us in the afternoon.

Mozilla Hubs networking appears to be overloaded with Vickel surprise images 🙂

Next up William Locke

Trendsetter2 for #SOTELNZ Day2 now

Coloniality in the digital space—implications for L&T. I think we had some great discussions … if you have further questions, please post them here and we’ll take it over to Hubs for a chat 🙂

Join us for Day2 of #SOTELNZ with 3 Trendsetters & 9 Pecha Kucha presentations

Welcome 8:45am (NZ time):

@Czernie first Trendsetter 9am:

Starting back again soon. Hope you all had a good lunch :-).

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